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Why Saf-T-door?


The Saf-T-Door secondary locking system engages in seconds.  Simply pull the pin and the lock is engaged.

Teachers, students, aides, custodians, and any other occupant of a classroom can quickly activate the Saf-T-Door latch.

The system stays engaged, even with attempts to force the door open.


The thick steel construction can withstand over 2,000 pounds of force.  The product works on steel or wooden doors and frames.

The Saf-T-Door latch is easy to install.  We provide a template for your maintenance or handyman staff to use -- or we can install it for you.  Contact us for a custom price quote.

Our product is proudly made in the USA.

Easy to disengage and reset

The system can be disengaged from inside the room, or opened quickly by authorized emergency responders with the supplied release pin.

Because the device has a compact design and is tamper-resistant, there's no complicated or lost materials, and your classroom environment remains SAFE.

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